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Kosmos Camp, a well established, premiere California Dance Camp featuring dance and yoga classes!

Our group of Bay Area dance instructors include some of the finest that Northern California dance has to offer.  With our instructors from the Bay Area dance classes are taught on indoor hardwood and outdoor dance spaces among the Sonoma County forest.  Once you have registered you can take any classes offered during the period you have registered for.

Bay Area Dance Instructors

susanSusan Arenas Pedroso- Cuban Folkloric & Cuban Salsa

Susana Arenas Pedroso is an internationally recognized Cuban Folkloric and popular dancer. Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Ms Pedroso began her career in dance at age twelve, studying at La Casa de Cultura de Matanzas and at Cojunto Folklorico Nacional in Havana. She danced professionally for seventeen years in Cuba with popular, folkloric and theatrical performing groups, including Tierra Virgen, Alafia Ire, Oche Olorun, Oriki, Clave y Guaguancó, Oba Wemilere, Rumberos de Cuba, and Raíces Profundas. Since her arrival in the United States in 1998, Ms Pedroso has performed and choreographed numerous pieces that have been exhibited throughout the United States, Mexico, Cuba and Hong Kong with companies such as Omo Ache, Omo Oddara, Ban Rarra, Ire Ile, Alayo Dance Company, Las Que Son Son and Obini Ashe.

downloadDudley Flores- Contemporary

Dudley Flores is a native of San Francisco has been active in the Bay Area dance community for over a decade. He has worked with Paco Gomes (Afro-Brazilian), Micaya (Hip Hop) and Ann Barrett (Jazz) and is currently a dancer with Robert Moses’ KIN, Printz Dance Project, RAWdance and is an Isadora Duncan Award winning company member with Garrett + Moulton Productions.  Offstage, he is an active committee member for Bay Area Dance Week, and is the Artistic Director and Master Trainer for the Rhythm & Motion Dance Program at ODC Dance Commons.  Dudley has been a dance educator since 2000 and pulls knowledge from his training and performance in contemporary dance, jazz, hip hop, ballet and musical theater.  He believes in creating an environment where dance is a therapeutic release from the day to day.  His classes are high energy, and are a place to work deeply, make mistakes – fearlessly, have fun, let go and enjoy the process.  Watch Dudley’s Kosmos Camp class here. Dudley Flores’ Kosmos Camp Class.

static1.squarespaceLaura “Larry” Arrington- Rhythm & Motion Workout

Larry believes in nothing more than the incredible transformative potential of dance. She performs and choreographs in many different contexts, but truly cherishes the particular JOY of Rhythm & Motion! Her body is work and her work is her life.  She teaches regularly at the ODC Dance Studio in San Francisco, CA.







   Djenane Saint-Juste, Haitian Dance

Djenane was born in Haiti and raised in Vodou, dancing since the age of three under the direction of her mother, Florencia Pierre, choreographer, dancer, and mambo priestess. Djenane is the director of Afoutayi Dance, Music, & Arts Company which has the goal of promoting Haitian Folklore through teaching dance, music and culture to benefit and enrich the local community while simultaneously promoting cultural diversity, self-empowerment and leadership through the arts.  She has taught countless students as a Bay Area dance instructor for over a decade since her arrival in the United.  Djenane’s mother Florencia served as one of the principal dancers of the National Dance Theater Company of Haiti from 1983 to 1989 and as a professor of dance from 1989 to 1991.  From 2004 to 2007, Pierre served as a faculty member of Haiti’s Ecole Nationale des Arts. Djenane is carrying on the dance, religion, and culture her mother has taught her since childhood.  Djenane is excited about teaching at this reputable California dance camp. She will be accompanied by the amazing Haitian drummer Jeff Pierre.  

dandha_da_Hora_300Dandha Da Hora-Afro-Brazilian Dance

Born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Dandha has been a member of Ile Aiye, one of Brazil’s most important musical and cultural institutions, since she was 6 years old. A master dancer as well as vocalist and percussionist, Dandha honors the incredible gifts of her culture and brings the incredible spirit of Salvador and of Ile Aiye to every class or performance!  As a lead dancer with Ile Aiye, Dandha has shared the stage with Brazilian stars such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Daniela Mercury. As well as performing with Ile Aiye and SambaDá, Dandha teaches Afro- Brazilian dance all over the U.S..  In addition to teaching dance she will also be performing at Kosmos as the lead singer with her band Sambada. To find out more about the history of Afro Brazilian dance, click here.

performanceRena Marie Guidry- Street Jazz

Rena Marie Guidry is currently the dance specialist at Creative Arts Charter School, and a Rhythm & Motion dance instructor. Rena studied ballet, tap, and jazz, hip hop, modern, salsa, liturgical, and Samba. Rena Marie has performed in several self-produced dance theater productions in the bay area. Second to dance, she loves theater and film acting. When not dancing Rena can be found teaching and counseling youth. The most important aspect of life for Rena Marie is her family, and she shares her love of dance with them.

Solo 4Aimee Rose Zawitz- Tropicali Dancehall

Aimee Rose Zawitz is a proud native San Franciscan and a lifelong passionate dancer. She believes life is a dance and no matter what you are doing you can alway employ the mentality of a dancer: strength, grace, creativity, and energy.

She specializes in Jamaican Dancehall, Indian Bhangra and Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Haitian Folklore, and dabbles in Cuban Salsa and folkloric dance.

Aimee currently teaches all around the Bay Area including with youth leadership program Loco Bloco; directs her own dance company, The Trapsettaz; is part of D.A.M. Daring Arts Movement, a performance artist collective; as well as a dancer for Joti Singh’s Duniya Dance & Drum Company SF, Kiss Kiss’ On Fire Gyals Kingston, JA, and Queen Latesha Promotion Kingston, JA.

In the past, Aimee has danced with Valerie Watson’s Alafia Dance Ensemble, Djenane St. Juste’s Afoutayi, Temistocles Bentancourt’s Grupo Nago Experimental, Susana Arena Pedroso’s Dance Company, Katy Barnhill Rous’ World Dance Fusion, Tanilee Amor’s Amor Do Samba, and was a featured dancer with the band Alta California.


20150530-150240-768x512Elisa Rodriguez- Latin Pop

Elisa grew up with a great passion for dance in northern Mexico.  In her formative years, she was a member of a Mexican folkloric group in her home state of Chihuahua, that performed various kinds of Mexican dances.  Elisa taught workout classes before coming to the United States and now is teaching as a Bay Area dance instructor of Latin Pop classes at the Embarcadero YMCA in San Francisco on a weekly basis.  She is looking forward to having a blast with students at Kosmos Camp!



Nancy Rubin, Yoga

Nancy Rubin has been a member of the Rhythm & Motion family for over 25 years. She was originally trained in jazz dance and taught and performed in Los Angeles, Marin and San Francisco. Nancy is highly regarded for her ability to translate dance movements to all levels of students be it beginners or seasoned dancers. She is a firm believer that dance enriches and enhances life, and works to make it available to all. Nancy has also studied Iyengar yoga for over 20 years, recognizing early on that it is a key complement to dance and to achieving longevity in a dance career.


imgresJennifer Haydu- Yoga

Jennifer has more than 20 years experience teaching and training clients of all ages. She holds national certifications as a personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, Pilates, & Yoga instructor. Her coaching style is a product of solid credentials, teaching experience, and her passion for lifelong learning. After many years in the dance world, both as a performer and teacher, she works with particular attention to posture, body mechanics & core strength. As a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher she integrates many of those principles into her coaching.  Jennifer completed  the Yoga Therapy training program with the Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA and is doing outreach to teachers and schools in Monterey on stress resilience and Dynamic Mindfulness training. She continues to explore a dialogue with professionals in related fields,  and collaborate with artists,  healers and community activists of all kinds.  She teaches dance, yoga and creative movement in Monterey schools in partnership with the Arts Council of Monterey.